First Time Having Anal Sex

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I have been dating Carmen for almost a year. She is the most amazing woman that I have ever dated. I’m not saying this to say that women need to step back into the roles that they had in the 50’s, but Carmen cooks, cleans, and takes care of me in the bedroom every night. Of course, it took six months to open her up to the idea of having sex before we were married, but when her mind was finally opened to the idea it was completely open. She was not shy about giving blows or masturbating in front of me. However, there was still one area of our sex life that I wanted to try, but still needed to further convince her of. I wanted to try anal sex. She was afraid that it might be painful. I assured her that I would use plenty of lube and even a condom if she wanted.

After many nights of trying to convince her that we should try anal sex she finally relented and agreed to try it. I was so excited at the thought of having anal sex that I could feel my dick getting hard underneath the surface of my jeans. I told her that I would be into the bedroom in just a few minutes. I just needed to shower after getting off from work. My mind was so fixated on Carmen’s ass that I almost fell going to the bathroom to hop into the shower. Unbeknownst to me, Carmen had had a few cocktails and watched xhamster to get herself in the mood. When I got back to the entrance of the bedroom door I was wearing only the towel that I used to dry myself when getting out of the shower. Why bother with putting on clothes that were just going to get torn off anyway? I was made aware that Carmen had the same notion because when I looked at the bed Carmen was laying on her stomach in only a bra and panties. She made a point to wear new panties that showed off her perfectly round ass and to lay in a way that I would notice it.

I inched my way to the bed and grabbed an ass cheek. Carmen squealed an giggled. I took off my towel. My dick was so hard. Carmen inched her way to the edge of the bed bringing her ass closer to my dick. I moved her panties to the side to toy with her pussy. She moaned. I reached for the lube on the night stand applying a generous amount. Still holding her panties to the side I slowly inserted my dick into Carmen’s ass. She moaned louder. I moved slowly at first making sure that she was ok. Her hand reached around to her pussy. She stroked her clit. “Faster.”, she whispered. I slapped her ass going faster until I felt myself cum.

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